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A sofa to curl up in the living room

A sofa to curl up in the living room

The lower the temperatures, the more you dream of spending your evenings comfortably installed at home away from the cold and bad weather. To prepare the ground, the ideal is to choose a sofa with round and enveloping shapes to snuggle up warm during nap time, a reading break or a television evening! Demonstration in pictures.

A long, wide and cross sofa

La Redoute ### Here is a sofa that is not content with rounded lines: it itself forms a semicircle, considerably enlarging the seat ... or rather lying down! Enough to give ideas to all those who like to doze comfortably in their living room.

Exotic cocoon

La Redoute ### To escape the cold outside this winter, we can surround ourselves with exotic furniture that transports us away from the greyness, or bet on enveloping forms in which it is good to snuggle. How about combining these two ideas into one? Demonstration with this rattan "ball" sofa!

Softness and pleasure on call

Paragraph ### The darling of the living room is becoming more feminine. Dressed in a pretty powdery color, this sofa has everything to melt the ladies, without counting on its pretty curved silhouette and its flock of satin cushions! At first glance, we dream of snuggling there ...

Wrap around inspiration for the corner sofa

La Redoute ### Who said that large sofas are necessarily deprived of roundness? Proof of the opposite with this corner sofa, the end of which forms a delicate rising curve, like an integrated headrest. Comfort first! Suffice to say that we can already see a book in hand or lengthen the space of a little nap.