How to effectively clean your dishwasher?

How to effectively clean your dishwasher?

Sensitive souls refrain ! The following images can disturb the most delicate stomachs, but they are necessary. To all those who believed (like me) that a dishwasher could not get dirty, the step by step below will demonstrate just the opposite. Yes, a dishwasher can be dirty! Yes, washing it is far from being a pleasure! Hence my first advice: wash your dishwasher regularly.

1st step: empty the dishwasher

Household appliances To clean effectively, this preliminary step is essential (it is also found for other household appliances such as the refrigerator. Start by unplugging your dishwasher or (if you do not have access to the outlet) by cutting the current at the circuit breaker. Once the ground is secure, we can then remove from the dishwasher anything that can be dismantled. I invite you to consult the instructions for your dishwasher because depending on the models and brands, not all removable parts are the same.

2nd step: clean the spray arms

Household appliances The washing arms or spray arms are like the little hands of your dishwasher. They are the ones that allow efficient water circulation to get rid of all the dirt on your dishes. If these arms are blocked, the effectiveness of your dishwasher will be compromised. It is therefore very important to check and clean the spray arms. To do this, all you need is a little hot water and dishwashing liquid to restore their youthfulness. Check by replacing the spray arms that they rotate smoothly.

3rd step: clean the filter

Household appliances This is the most feared step. Located at the bottom of the tub, the dishwasher filter should be washed regularly as this is where all of the food trash left on the dishes ends up. Suffice to say that it is the most disgusting corner of the machine! If some recommend cleaning it after each wash, its maintenance once a week is already a very good thing. Again, hot water and dishwashing liquid are used to thoroughly clean with the help of a stiff brush.

4th step: prepare the magic potion

Household appliances Unfortunately not totally magic, but in any case sufficient to overcome the encrusted dirt. I have often named white vinegar! Equip yourself with a dose of white vinegar and a microfiber towel for the rest of the steps.

Step 5: Clean the door seals

Household appliances With your white vinegar and your microfiber towel, all you have to do is rub the door seals on which residues are deposited each time. If you do not maintain these parts regularly, you risk leakage. It is therefore very important to check the condition of these seals frequently.

6th step: check under the seals

Household appliances The hinge joint between the dishwasher door and the dishwasher is a strategic area. It is indeed an important seal which is the guarantor of the good tightness of your dishwasher but this implies that it is quite important. Its layout means that unfortunately it often hides not very stewing residue (as the photo shows) and that you have to go and find out how dirty it is. The best is to use a paper towel to clean this surface.

7th step: make the machine work

Household appliances Once all the removable parts, seals and strategic areas have been washed, the simplest thing remains to be done. Pour a good dose of white vinegar inside your machine and start the program at the highest temperature in your dishwasher. this last operation aims to degrease, deodorize and descale your dishwasher. At the end of the cycle, you just have to admire the result and resume normal activity ... at least until next week!