A pretty house on the Hollywood hills

A pretty house on the Hollywood hills

Hollywood in California, landmark of movie stars and symbol of American glamor. Perched on the legendary hills overlooking Los Angeles, this pretty house has recently been redesigned. A nice mix of styles: Scandinavian, romantic, English, which we suggest you discover in pictures.

A very bright living room

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors As is often the case in the United States, the living room, kitchen and dining room come together in one room. Here, the living room is particularly bright as it is surrounded by large picture windows.

Well-defined spaces

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors It takes just a moment to delimit each space in an open living room like this. Quite simply, the leather sofa arranged perpendicular to the wall alone defines the seating area.

The cocooning is in the details

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors To make the living room space warmer, large fake fur cushions look great.

A romantic wallpaper

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors Nothing like a wall of wall in different colors to add a touch of romanticism to the house. This pretty printed wallpaper separates the patio from the kitchen area.

An open mezzanine

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors Above the kitchen, the mezzanine opens nicely onto the totally arty lounge area. Original suspensions, paintings on the wall and skillfully arranged touches of color, the view of the mezzanine gives more than the desire to access the living room.

Vintage cuisine

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors The kitchen has pretty white furniture with vintage accents. A charming asset for this Hollywood house.

Scandinavian dining room

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors With its beautiful light wooden table and Scandinavian style chairs, the dining room is just waiting for guests to dine with friends. Again, the large picture window provides an extremely bright room.

Exposed beams and wallpaper

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors The details of the kitchen have been very worked on by Andrea Putman. Here again, we use and abuse a pretty printed wallpaper to make the room warmer. The exposed beams painted in white go perfectly with the furniture with vintage accents.

Access to the garden

Andrea Putman / JAC Interiors Separated from the rest of the room by the beautiful gray mantel of the fireplace, the office area and the patio give access to a small flowered garden.