Table decoration: we take care of the presentation

Table decoration: we take care of the presentation

To set a beautiful table, you must think of every detail and in particular the presentation of all the dishes that you will offer to your guests! To help you look after the presentation, we invite you to discover pretty ways to serve.

No plastic on the table

AM.PM For a foolproof elegance, we put aside the plastic bottles which we replace with similar but glass models. They will create a surprise and add a designer touch to your table.

The plates presented

AM.PM During the meal, you can enhance your plates by placing them on a presentation plate. Note that you should not place more than two plates on the presentation one in order to respect the codes.

The salad service

Reine Mère How to serve salad while being on top of the decor? You just have to opt for these wooden salad servers in a very natural style signed by the very designer French brand Reine Mère.

Bread becomes decorative

Love Creative People To present your rolls or the pieces you have previously cut, leave aside the traditional basket and opt instead for a fabric basket that will be much more aesthetic! In addition it adapts to the size of the bread by folding or unfolding as needed.

Bread on the table

AM.PM And if you prefer not to cut the bread and let your guests serve themselves at their convenience, you can present your baguette in a very decorative way by opting for a beautiful cutting board with markers to help cut each portion.

Bell butter

Spoiler And to accompany the bread, no question of serving the butter in its aluminum packaging! We find him a beautiful bell that will bring a lot of elegance to the table. Do not hesitate to hunt for this type of object for even more charm.

Cheese in a bell

AM.PM The cheese will also be presented in a bell to remain very decorative on your table but also to contain any odors that could inconvenience your guests. Play the simplicity card by choosing a wooden tray covered with a transparent bell.

Dessert on a pedestal

Le Creuset To make dessert truly the pinnacle of your meal, we don't hesitate to stage it! For this, choose a high servant who will highlight your sweets on the table.

Coffee also plays the decorative card

Emiliebok 'We do not let go of our attention and we stay decorative until the cafe. We put on a nice matching service and we don't forget to present a few cookies to accompany it.