A shelving unit, several possibilities in the house

A shelving unit, several possibilities in the house

Whether you choose a library shelf or a simple wall shelf, the shelf in general presents many decorative possibilities! It bends to your desires and especially your needs to be very practical. Discover its many uses in pictures.

A shelf as a dresser

La Redoute In the dining room, the shelf also finds its place! It is then used as a dresser by placing the plates, salad bowls and other accessories that will be used to set the table. The furniture is then original and uses the dishes as decorative object.

A shelf as a partition

La Redoute If you want to separate two spaces without closing them, you can use an open shelf that you will place perpendicular to a wall to create a demarcation between two rooms. Do not load the floors too much to let the gaze pass.

A shelf as a piece of bathroom furniture

La Redoute In this studio, the bathroom is next to the bedroom, so as not to opt for a bathroom cabinet, we prefer a decorative shelving unit that will accommodate both toilet accessories and decorative items for the bedroom.

A shelf as an office element

Ikea To increase the storage space in your office, you can use shelves that you place above the desk and on the sides. You can thus store papers or storage boxes there.

A shelf in the kitchen

Purpose To complete your kitchen and replace tall furniture, you can opt for a long shelf that you will run above your credenza. You can then display your small household appliances or kitchen accessories. The shelf will be as decorative as it is practical.

A shelf in the entrance

Purpose What if you used the entrance as a library? For this, you will install shelves on the wall surface and deposit your works. You can also place a simple shelf halfway up to use it as a storage compartment.

A shelf as a headboard

Fly Why not create a headboard using shelves? You can place an entire bookcase-style piece of furniture behind the bed or simply opt for shelf shelves on the sides to create bedside tables.

A shelf for fixing

Ikea To create a wall gallery, you don't have to hang your frames the traditional way! You can also opt for shelves on which you will place your frames to create a gallery of photos or paintings.

A shelf as a side table

Castorama If you have little space, why not use a deep shelf as a shelf? You will then fix it very securely at table height and can then use it as a desk.