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When mirrors bet on the unusual

When mirrors bet on the unusual

Who says mirrors have to be round or rectangular? The designers are coming out of diktats to offer you daring models that transform into decorative objects of character. We have selected for you 10 models that we are not used to seeing!

A tool mirror

Label edition No, this funny object is not a painter's spatula or a butcher's accessory, it is indeed a mirror! Original, it will not fail to question all those who will look inside.

A contemporary art painting mirror

Maisons du monde In this ultra design mirror, it will be difficult to look at yourself entirely because it is made up of several small facets which will increase your reflection but which will make your mirror a real work of art.

Snowmen mirrors

There's no fire in the lake These funny sculptures look like wooden figures whose heads have been replaced by tilted mirrors to allow you to see yourself better. Ideal to place on a piece of furniture!

Unstructured mirrors

Purpose If you do not want a mirror that gives you a large reflection and in its entirety, you can bet on unstructured mirrors that offer you pieces of mirror to energize your wall.

A Photoshop-style mirror

Atypyk Do you usually edit your photos to turn them to your advantage? The Photoshop window, the photo editing software will then serve as a mirror frame.

An organic mirror

Marie Barthes This mirror placed on a piece of furniture seems alive. Thanks to its kinds of tentacles it makes you think of an insect or a fish to offer you a very original mirror model.

A distorting mirror

Homology And if you are not afraid of seeing yourself with a funny face, why not play the card of surprise by opting for a distorting mirror. Not easy to make makeup touch-ups with this model but it dresses your wall wonderfully.

A sculpture mirror

Marie Barthes Why should mirrors be installed on walls? We can also bet on sculpture version models that incorporate original mirrors. Suffice to say that here, the aspect will be more decorative than practical!

Hook mirrors

Queen mother And to make your mirrors useful, we transform them into coat hooks! When empty, they become full-fledged mirrors and make it possible to hide the hooks, which are only revealed when a hanger is hung.